What Are Withdrawal Symptoms?

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When you decide and finally quit smoking, there will be some consequences. As long as you have been a smoker, and after that when you quit smoking – you will phase withdrawal symptoms. They are because your body and mind are reacting for lack of smoking. As you do not smoke like regularly you did, you will phase these withdrawal symptoms for several weeks or even months.

What are withdrawal symptoms?

What Are Withdrawal Symptoms
What Are Withdrawal Symptoms

Every smoker who quit smoking faces these withdrawal symptoms. There is nothing to be worried about. There are all the solutions available for almost everything. Just like that, all types of withdrawal symptoms also have their solutions.

Here we are discussing about withdrawal symptoms and related issues:

Some of the most common withdrawal symptoms are:
Food Cravings,
Smoking Cravings,
Difficulty in Concentrating,
Hard To Concentrate,

Why do you feel withdrawal symptoms?

When you used to smoke, there are different types of chemicals in cigarettes which used to reach directly to your mind and blood. After you stop smoking, your brain, lungs crave for it, specially Nicotine. So when you don’t smoke, your body feels these sudden changes and without these chemicals and cravings, you feel withdrawal symptoms.

For how long you will feel withdrawal symptoms?

Normally, it takes 72 hours to get Nicotine out of your body after you quit smoking. So after you quit smoking, it might last for 2-3 days and will last for few months like 2-3 months.
For your brain, it takes almost 3 months to get Nicotine totally out of it. For that, you need to completely focus onto quitting smoking and never smoke again.
Here is the complete list of withdrawal symptoms as well as their solution and for how much longer they will last.


After you quit smoking, your body will receive more oxygen and it will reach out to your blood. It is good thing that your blood is being pure by the time. But it will make you feel like dizziness. Most smokers who quit smoking, feels dizziness for several days.

For that you need to take long and deep breaths. Also you can do some stretching workout. It will help you. Regularly doing this, will make you feel better.


This is also one of the most common symptoms. You will feel it because of Nicotine absence. Your body will receive no more Nicotine so this is going to happen to you. Fatigue can last for few weeks.

For that, you need to sleep more or at least try to sleep more. Also you have to eat healthy food. Drinking lots of water helps you to fight this.


People who have been smoking for many years like for longer period of time feel this. This is also the most common symptom.

For that, you need to avoid other sources which might be stimulant like Coffee, Coke, Pepsi etc. You need to go out for a walk after you complete your meal. You can also try to relax and drink glass of milk. Make yourself busy watching movies or talking with friends.


When Nicotine is out of your body, your system has been clean and it goes on cleaning all other things associated with Nicotine. So for that it produces more cough and you feel it.

For cough, you just need to relax. Because the cough will be soon out of your system just like Nicotine. After few hours or couple of days, you will feel cough-less and good. You can drink more water and eat healthy meals to help your body maintain strong.


If you feel like extremely hungry, then it is a very good sign. You need to eat more food and healthy food. As you just have quit smoking, this way you can make up your body and have strong health. For some time, do not worry about your weight and eat healthy food. Along with that, you can do regular exercise and make your body fit.

Whenever you feel hungry, don’t eat more calorie food every time. Some time you feel hungry just because of smoking habit. So for that time, you can eat some of low calorie food and keep your mouth busy.

Extreme Carvings to Smoke:

This is the thing which will happen eventually to you and to everyone. But when you feel cravings to smoke, never smoke. Once you have quit smoking, never again start smoking. You will feel extreme cravings although you need to remember why you have quit smoking and be strong.

When you feel like you can’t control the urge to smoke, you need to be with someone. You can be with your spouse, friends and talk to them. Do anything to make you busy. If you stay alone, chances are more than you will again start smoking. So instead of that disaster, you need to make yourself busy and go out. Take a walk. Also you can play with your children, get them out to play, spend more time with them. Also you can spend time with your grandparents and see how they are living healthy life.

All of above mentioned withdrawal symptoms are quite extreme, but you will get over it. Once you start fighting it, you will be fine then. All these are most common and widely felt symptoms. Most of the smokers who have quit smoking feel all of these.

So there is nothing to worry about any of these. If you feel anything extreme, they you may also consult a doctor and they will suggest you some solutions. Otherwise, feeling above mentioned feelings are normal and you can fight them.

Quit smoking side effects

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There are various side effects which you will surely feel after you quit smoking. These quit smoking side effects are also called symptoms of nicotine withdrawal.

These are the feelings or say conditions which you will be feeling, after you quit smoking. While you used to smoke, your body as well as mind both of them were habituated with Nicotine and other harmful and addictive chemicals from cigarettes. But when you quit smoking, your body will crave for smoking. And when you won’t fulfill this craving, your body will react towards it. That is simply quit smoking side effects.

They are not technically side effects but sudden types of symptoms which are felt by your body after you quit smoking. All of the smokers, who quit smoking, feels these symptoms for some time. Here is the list of all such symptoms. If you feel any or all of these, then don’t worry these are the normal symptoms for people who quit smoking.

Quit Smoking Side Effects / Symptoms of Nicotine Withdrawal:

Quit smoking side effects
Quit smoking side effects


Headache is the first thing which everyone will feel. It will be huge headache and you will get paranoid through high level. But there is nothing wrong with it. Eventually, it will be gone. You just need to relax and take deep breaths while you feel like headache.

How to quit smoking cigarettes?

 Fatigue – Insomnia:

Both of these are common symptoms. For several days you will be feeling like insomnia. You can try to sleep or relax. After some days you will start to feel good. All of such bad feelings will be then gone away.

Anxiety – Anger:

Without any reason you will get angry and also will feel anxiety. There is nothing wrong although you will feel sudden anger on almost everything. So you need to be prepared for such anxiety attacks after you decide to quit smoking.

27 Facts about Smoking

Difficulty concentrating:

You won’t be able to do anything properly. Nothing will make you feel good. No hard work can be done by you. You will feel extreme difficult to concentrate onto anything. All these are most common things. You do not have to worry on each of these feelings. You just have to deal with it for few days and then everything will be fine, back to normal.

Extreme hunger:

Just after you quit smoking, you will start feeling to eat more and more. Like never before, all the time all you can think about is food. In such situations, you need to eat healthy items. You can also manage schedule to eat. But other than regular meals, when you feel hunger – you need to eat something fat-free or low-calorie food, because it’s just eating craving. You are not actually hungry. You just need to keep your mouth busy with some light snacks.

Sweet tooth:

Most of the people have sweet tooth and love to eat chocolates, cakes and ice creams. But during this time, you will feel extreme sweet tooth. So for that you can eat a few chocolates. But other than that you can eat dry fruits as well as fresh fruits. With that, you can feel good as well as it is healthy too. Also you can choose to eat ice cream sometime. Or even you can switch to low-fat ice cream.

Top 10 Quick Tips to Help You Quit Smoking

Crave to smoke:

With all these mixed feelings, you will definitely feel to smoke. You will feel that you might not make it up without smoking. But it’s just a craving to smoke. No matter how strong your crave is, you should not smoke. In such situations, you need to keep yourself busy. You can eat snacks and watch your favorite movie. That might divert your mind. Otherwise you can also go out to a friends’ home and spend time with them.

Difficulty in sleeping:

As you will have low concentration, you might not be able to sleep for more time. May be you can’t sleep at all for few days. But in such situations you can make yourself busy. You can play some sports and after you feel extremely tired, you will be able to sleep at night. Also with that, your body will be working out through sports too. It is also beneficial.


You will always feel like restlessness. Even though when you have been doing nothing at all, you will feel it. This is also common symptom. For this too, you need to play some sports with which you can actually be tired and then you won’t feel that bad.

The 5 Stages of Quitting Smoking


Once you have quit smoking, Nicotine will be out of your system in two days. But it will take almost 2 months to take Nicotine out of your brain. Just like your brain, your lungs and stomach will also feel it. Due to Nicotine absence, you will have coughs. But it will only last for few days. After that, all of the produced cough will be out of your system and you will then feel good.

Mouth ulcers:

You might be feeling things inside your mouth. As you just have quit smoking, in starting days you won’t feel much of taste in your mouth. But just after few days without smoking, you will get back your taste buds. But until that time you might have some of mouth ulcers.

Why Is It So Hard To Quit Smoking ?

All of above mentioned are quit smoking side effects. Most of all the people feel all of these symptoms. But there is nothing to worry about it. All of these effects are quite normal for everyone. Once you are passed this stage, you will start feeling absolutely fine.

You just need to be strong to pass this phase, which is somewhat difficult. For that, you need to be totally relaxed and have faith on yourself. So then you will be able to quit smoking forever.

How to quit smoking cigarettes?

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Smoking is one of those habits which gives nothing beneficial to you but gives you some of very dangerous after affects. Just like Alcohol, Smoking is also just a momentary pleasure. There is nothing good about smoking.

How to quit smoking cigarettes?

How to quit smoking cigarettes?
How to quit smoking cigarettes?

When we smoke, it goes directly mixed up into blood and reaches to lungs and mind. With addictive chemicals into cigarettes, it gets over our body and gives momentary stress-relief, just for that one moment. After that, you will have plenty of bad effects due to smoking. After several years of smoking, it gives smoker, lots of danger diseases. That is why it is wise to quit smoking cigarettes.

Here are some of the very important points with which it helps you to quit smoking cigarettes:

First Step – To decide to quit smoking cigarette

Bad habits like smoking, alcohol are quite difficult to quit. But once you decide and quit it, it is no longer there. You need to have strong will power to quit it.

Studies have shown that, if you decide to quit smoking during your good mood then it is likely to be under your control. As you certainly knew what you are up to and you know what you are doing. So later on you will have no doubts on your prior decision when you decided to quit smoking cigarettes.

So, take a date and time and from then on you need to quit smoking forever. Never think about smoking again, as well you need to stay away from other things which remind you of smoking.

Take time and then decide eventually

There is no hurry in quitting smoking, but the sooner you quit the better benefits you get with your health.

There is nothing like you suddenly have to quit smoking cigarettes. First you need to decide and then make planning to actually quit it.

You can think about quitting first and then gradually you can go on smoking less numbers of cigarettes day by day. Then the final day will come from when you have to stop smoking it.

Never be in hurry and don’t take any decision earlier. Otherwise it might result into bad things and you might even start smoking again. So better than that take your time and then decide to quit it finally.

Throughout everything regarding smoking

Once you decide and quit smoking, for some time you need to stay away from everything that reminds you to smoke.

Through away all the cigarettes or any packets of cigarettes you have. Also remove ash trays from your home, office, car etc.

Throw away cigarette holders, matches or lighters. All these things are associated with cigarette smoking. Hence none of that should be near you.

Since you have decided to quit smoking, stay away from places like Smoking Area, Clubs, and Smokers etc. Also you need to avoid any places which might want you to smoke.

Get a big jar and keep it

You need to get a big jar and keep it at your home. Whenever you feel like smoking or even when you remember to smoke, you keep some money into that jar.

Just after a month of couple of months, this jar will be full of money! And then you will actually know how much money you did spend until now. And will be however saving money. It will remind you that you have chosen well and will also feel good.

Make a list of reasons why you are quitting

This is very important list. You need to have it. When you are thinking about quitting smoking cigarettes – you have to make this list.

Write down all those things because of which you are quitting smoking. You can write about healthy life, good breath, tension-free and disease-free future, fresh mood etc.

All these things will make you feel good and will make you stronger whenever you have strong urge to smoke. And always keep this list with you so that whenever you feel doubtful, read it and feel good.

Change your diet and eating habits

After you just have quit smoking, you need to switch some of your eating habits. You need to dare decaf for at least 2 months after you quit smoking.

You should not drink regular coffee, coke, Pepsi etc. These are the things which remind you to smoke. That is why avoid all of these. Also you should switch to healthy meals other than junk food or fast food. All these things makes difference in your quitting habit. So, these are important things to do.

All of above mentioned habits are very beneficial. All of those people who have quit smoking, have followed these habits and now have healthy non-smoking life. These are essential steps which you also need to do while you decide and quit smoking cigarettes.

No doubt all these are small changes or things, but when you will actually do these things then only you will understand the importance. And most important thing is your determination, of you are determined to quit then you will always be ready to quit smoking.

27 Facts about Smoking

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We all know that smoking is obviously harmful for our body as well as overall health. But not everyone especially who are smokers, knows the actual effects of smoking. There is like more than million reasons why one should not be smoking. There is no good outcome from smoking.

27 Facts about Smoking

27 Facts about Smoking
27 Facts about Smoking

Here we have some of extreme facts about smoking. Everyone should know these facts. It might help you to quit smoking. Also you can tell these facts to your friends/ family who are smoker. It can help them to quit smoking. And all of these below mentioned facts about smoking are real figures obtained through various studies. They have actually been proven scientifically.

What is a Cigarette?

A cigarette contains tobacco from nicotine based plant. It is extremely addictive and contains more than 4,000 types of harmful chemicals into it. From these 4,800, more than 70 can cause cancer and other extremely danger disease. While Nicotine is mainly responsible for all those cravings or say urges to smoke again. Well, that is also harmful through one of another way.

Top 10 Quick Tips to Help You Quit Smoking

Not only, cigarette but also smoking cigar and pipe are also very harmful. Even studies have proven that smoking cigarette is even more harmful than weed/ marijuana. As the reports say, every day over 15 billion cigarettes are smoked all over the world.

Why is smoking so much harmful?

There are lots of reasons for smoking being harmful. Here are some of those quite serious reasons which you might want to consider before you smoke your next cigarette:

Overall Health Facts:

There are so many diseases which can cause to smoker just because of smoking. All of such smoking-related diseases can turn to be very dangerous conditions. Around 16 million people have at least one disease because of smoking.

Just to think about it, smoking changes everything inside your body as well as habits.

The 5 Stages of Quitting Smoking

Most common and probably all smokers have Blood Pressure Problems. Whenever they are under stress, they continuously go on smoking. Amongst smokers, more than 8.6 million people live with serious disease throughout their life. 

They can’t be stressed for longer times. They need to smoke everywhere all the time. 

Smokers have chances to get a stroke like 400% more as compared to a nonsmoker.

Serious Health Facts:

Apart from any normal health issues, smokers suffer from more diseases as compared to nonsmoker.
Smokers tend to have serious disease including some of most common: Cancers, Lung Related Disease, Heart Related Disease, Infertility, Cataracts, and Mouth – Dental Diseases, Pregnancy Related Disease and many more.

Lung Cancer Facts:

Amongst smokers, lung cancer is the most common cancer. This can turn out to be the worst things that can ever happen to you. 

As lungs are associated with breath, and if you don’t breathe properly then you will die, immediately.
Out of 10 lung cancers, 9 are caused just because of smoking.

Why Is It So Hard To Quit Smoking ?

COPD – Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease has no cure currently. Out of 10 COPD patients, 8 are due to smoking. Also women smokers have 40 times more chances to suffer from COPD then non-smoker. 

Tuberculosis is also one of those serious diseases caused by smoking. Generally, after years suffering from it, they die, because of smoking. 

Approx 11% of high schools students in US are suffering from Asthma, just because of smoking.
Amongst children, smoking slows down the normal growth of lungs.

Cancer Facts:

There are lots of types of Cancer – which is quite common disease amongst smokers. Through one of another way all the smokers are going to suffer from several types of cancers. 

Several types of cancers are Throat Cancer, Lung Cancer, Mouth Cancer, Nasal Cavity, Esophagus, Stomach Cancer, Pancreas Cancer, Kidney Cancer, Bladder Cancer, Myeloid Leukemia, Ulcer and many more. 

Amongst all these cancers, Lung Cancer is the most common as well as worst type of cancer.
30% of cancers can be prevented overall, by quitting smoking only. 

Children Smoking Facts: 

In US, everyday around 4,000 teenagers smoke for the first time. Amongst all these, one starts smoking on daily basis.

How does smoking effect your health?

As per reports, amongst current children population i.e. 5.6 million – from this one will die early because of smoking. That means out of 13 children available today 1 will die. 

There are some of very serious diseases from which children can suffer due to smoking. Some of such disease includes Ear Infections, Frequent Asthma Attacks, Respiratory problems like Sneezing, Coughing, Breath difficulty and several types of cancers. 

1 out of 5 teenagers/ adults smoke. So it means, 18% of high school students smoke cigarettes.

What Happens When You Quit SMOKING ?

9 out of 10 smokers have started smoking on regular basis before 18 while 98% starts smoking after 26.

Extreme Facts and Figures about Smoking: 

  • Smoking cigarette is even more dangerous than smoking weed.  
  • Cigarettes contain Nicotine, which is even more addictive than Cocaine and Alcohol.
  • In U.S. every year more than 5.4 million people die only because of smoking.
  • In Canada, every year around 37,000 deaths are reported yearly which are preventable deaths due to smoking.  This figure is more than people who die because of Traffic Accidents, Murders, and Suicides combined figure.
  • In some cigarettes, there is a chemical named Acetanisole which is also found in perfumes.
  • Amongst smokers, one out of two surely dies because of smoking related disease.
  • Smokers die 10 years earlier as compared to non-smoker.
All of these things, we discussed about facts about smoking – none of them are beneficial. Smoking only causes more and more disease and nothing else. We should try to quit smoking as soon as possible. Also if your friends/ family member are smoker, then you should support and help them to quit smoking. 

Every year in fact every day figures of people dying because of smoking are unbelievably increasing. We should so whatever we can do to spread awareness and help more people to quit smoking.

Top 10 Quick Tips to Help You Quit Smoking

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There are several Habits which people have and can’t easily leave. Some of such habits include Smoking, Chewing Tobacco, and Alcohol etc. Here, we are talking about Smoking. Smoking is kind of harder to quit but once you make up your mind, you can even quit smoking habit.

Top 10 Quick Tips to Help You Quit Smoking

Top 10 Quick Tips to Help You Quit Smoking
Top 10 Quick Tips to Help You Quit Smoking

Here we are sharing several most effective quick tips to help you quit smoking. With the help of these tips, you can actually quit smoking. Through various types of studies, these tips have been proved very effective. And moreover, there are lots of people who have been quitting smoking through these tips. May be these tips can help you to quits smoking.

1. First you need to Make you Mind about Quitting Smoking

While doing anything, first of all you need to believe in it. Then only you can work it out correctly. So if you actually want to quit smoking, you need to make you mind that you want to quit smoking. After that you can work on further points. You should be determined about what you want to do. With positive guts, you can quit smoking. 

You must have some of terrific things through which you got success throughout your life. So this is just like any of those goals, which you need to reach. If you believe in yourself then you can get it. Always remember will power and determination can get you to the top!

2. Make your own Plan to Quit Smoking

After deciding that you want to quit smoking, you need to make a plan to actually do it. First you should pick a date/ day from which you will really quit smoking. Then make a promise to yourself that you will never smoke again, no matter what. Also you need to stay away from places as well as people associated with smoking or smoking habits. 

You should always avoid such Smoking Areas as well as people who smoke. Also make a list of things which you like to do besides smoking. So, whenever you feel like smoking, you should go on doing those things and make yourself busy. 

3. Get along your Friends and Family

As you are now totally quitting smoking, you can ask your friends s well as family to support you. People, who matter a lot in our life makes special effect on us. So, by taking their help we can be stronger towards our goal of quitting smoking. 

Friends can also help you through one or other reason. You can go over to a friend’s place and play some games or have some long chats. That can eventually help you quitting smoking. 

4. Consider Counseling a Doctor

There are several medicines, chewing gums through which you can quit smoking. Along with that, doctors can give real advice for your new smoking-free life. Doctors can also provide you with some of statistics and helpful examples. 

You can focus onto those important things which doctors tell you. They have good experience for helping smokers, to make them non-smokers. And remember, there is no shame to consult a doctor.

5. Get Nicotine Replacement – Chewing Gum Therapy

There are lots of supplements available in market for quitting smoking. After you decide to quit smoking, you can but some of those. There are several gums available which you need to chew for sometime till your urge to smoke gets weaker.  

Along with that, there is Nicotine Replacement Therapy – NRT. It helps you to fulfill your Nicotine cravings, as cigarettes contain nicotine. So there are several medicines as well as inhalers available in market. You could buy and use them for several weeks. 

6. Get a Healthy Diet Plan

While starting smoking-free life, your body might feel some changes after you stop smoking. So for that, you need to have a healthy diet plan including healthy foods and drinks. You can start eating more fruits and fruit juice. Along with that you also need to drink lots of water every day. 

Healthy diet fulfills all your cravings and you won’t much feel to smoke. So, you will somehow get healthy food as well as your cravings to smoke will eventually gone. 

7. Never Back it up and have ‘Just One’

While going to quitting smoking phase, there is certain possibility that you might start smoking again. As we know, quitting smoking is harder than we actually consider. So at some levels you might think that you can’t hold it together and your urge to smoke will be stronger. 

But through such time, you should never back it up and have that just one cigarette under any circumstances. You should then start going to therapy sessions and somehow manage not to smoke again. 

8. Make a list why You wanted to quit smoking 

Doing good things has always been hardest for everyone. So, while you are doing good by quitting smoking, it will be no doubt harder for you. But for such tough time, you need to remember why you actually wanted to quit smoking. 

You should make a list of why you wanted to quit smoking. In such list, you can mentioned your friends, family, children, healthy life, risk free health etc. important points through which you feel good and positive. 

9. Get new exercise schedule and do it

Regular exercises can actually help you quitting smoking. As your body goes through sudden changes due to no-smoking, you can manage your body though exercise. Doing such exercises regularly, it makes your body fit and healthy. 

You could start going to a gym or also get such exercise tips online. There are plenty of exercises to do. You can do Yoga, Stretching etc. 

10. Make New Non-Smoking Friends

How you spend your day definitely makes great impression onto your lifestyle. So you need to be careful around whom you spend your entire day. May be there is a possibility that you started smoking because of your friends. 

If so, then you definitely need to make some new non-smoking friends. You can go to some therapy sessions where other people are also trying to quit smoking. At such places, you can make new friends who might turn out to be life changing.


All above mentioned steps are very helpful for quitting smoking. If you are smoker and looking forward to actually quit smoking, then you should surely follow these steps. For millions of people, lots of these steps have been proved life changing. 

You can be the next person whose life is going to be totally changing. These steps are very quick and there is nothing more to do. And by the end, you will surely be non-smoker and will definitely lead healthy life.